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Angular contact ball bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Bearings International is a leading angular contact ball bearing supplier. Angular contact ball bearings are designed for high accuracy and excellent high-speed performance and can carry axial and radial combined loads.

The angular contact ball bearing we supply are designed so a contact angle between the races and the balls are formed when the bearing is in use. The major design characteristic of this type of bearing is that one or both of the ring races have one shoulder relieved, or higher than the other. For these bearings to function properly, they must be assembled with a thrust load. This loading or preload creates a line of contact or contact angle between the inner race, the ball and the outer race.

The preload can be built into the bearing or created when the bearing is inserted into an assembly. The contact angle varies from 15° to 40° and is measured relative to a line running perpendicular to the bearing axis. The angular contact ball bearing we supply are unidirectional thrust bearings that can withstand heavy thrust loads and moderate radial loads.

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