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Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller Bearing

Bearings International is a leading tapered roller bearing supplier in South Africa. Tapered roller bearings can support high radial and axial loads and have a broad range of speeds. They are efficient at supporting forces and ensure a precise and rigid shaft guidance system due to the large effective distance between the bearings. Tapered roller bearings can be adjusted and dismantled, making mounting easy.

The imagined conical apices formed by the raceways of the inner and outer rings and the rollers all converge at one point on the bearing axis in tapered roller bearings. A large rib on the inner ring guides the trapezoidal tapered rollers used as rolling elements. Tapered roller bearings are classified into three types based on their contact angle: normal-angle, medium-angle, and steep-angle. In addition to double-row tapered roller bearings, four-row tapered roller bearings are available from Bearings International as a leading tapered roller bearing supplier in South Africa. Large bearings may use pin-type cages in addition to pressed cages.

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