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VTP Pulleys

Ventilated Turbo Pulleys (VTP)

The VENTILATED TURBO PULLEY is one of the most technologically  advanced V belt & Wedge belt pulley designs available on the market today. This internationally patented pulley represents a completely new design, incorporating a spectrum of features resulting in increased optimized performance of all V and Wedge Belt drive designs.

  • 3-5 times extra lifespan
  • Double the Tensile Strength
  • 50% reduction in weight
  • Tilted angular spokes
  • Speeds up to 100m/second

Reduced Operating temperature prolongs belt life by 3-5 times

A slotted (ventilated) design in the bottom of the groove that allows air to be drawn onto the belt working surfaces and subsequently reduces belt temperature by between 10 and 17 degrees C.

  1. This drop in belt temperature prolongs belt life up to 3-5 times longer. Lifespan of Pulley also increased.
  2. Locking elements reduced heat transfer.
  3. Reduced Oil Seal failure.
GGG60 Compact Modular castings, doubles the tensile strength. Improved shock resistance thus reduces the risk of pulleys being chipped or cracked during transportation and storage.    

A combination of design and quality castings that reduce pulley mass by 40 to 50%, compared to conventional V-Wedge belt pulleys.    

A tilted angular spoke design that reduces internal tension considerably. The tensions are reduced in this circumferential cooling process, normally brought about by varying material thicknesses at the boss and rim of the pulley.

Use of a compact fine grain modular cast iron GGG60, allows the pulley to run at circumferential speeds of up to 100 m/second, compared to the standard 50 m/second velocity peak for conventional GGG350 pulleys. The pulley’s resistance to wear against the V-Wedge belt is also improved.    

Withdrawal Sleeves are convenient when it comes time to dismount the bearing from cylindrical shafts.
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