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Conveyor Chain

Conveyor Chain

Bearings International is a leading conveyor chain supplier in South Africa. Conveyor chains can vary widely depending on the direction of transportation, the environment, and the load the application carries. Long life span, reduced maintenance, and no downtime are all important when it comes to chain selection for conveyors. As a preferred conveyor chain supplier in South Africa, our conveyor chains’ performance, durability, and safety give you peace of mind when. Conveyors are found in almost every industry, including mines, food and beverage facilities, materials handling, timber mills, quarries, etc.

olid Pin Chain

As a conveyor chain supplier in South Africa, we offer solid pin chains, which are a series of roller conveyor chains conforming to imperial dimensions. They are predominant in the British market or markets where a strong British presence has influenced engineering design and purchasing. The more common types generally comprise riveted construction. The standard material selection calls for low alloy steel with case carbonising. Higher quality brands have enhanced these conveyor chains by introducing heat treatment to side plates, doubling their strength.

Hollow Pin Chain

Hollow pin chains have chain pins with through-bore holes for mounting specifically designed attachments. They are often found as chain pairs in conveyance equipment or elevators. The Hollow Pin Chain allows the user to bolt on various extensions.  The advantages of installing attachments into the hollow pin include the following:  The hollow pin is at the center of articulation, and always keeps the pitch length. Regardless of whether the chain is straight or wrapping around the sprocket, the centre distance of attachments is always the same.

Deep Link Chain

Wide link plates and R-rollers with low frictional resistance are added to a base conveyor chain to allow the direct conveyance of heavy loads on the plates. As a conveyor chain supplier in South Africa, we also offer bearing roller conveyor chain R-rollers with top plates. Base conveyor chains are available in any series and made with plain or bearing rollers. These rollers have a low friction coefficient and higher roller allowable load, allowing users to apply these chains in very rigid and rough conditions.

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