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Engineered Chain

Engineered Chain

Engineered class industrial chain is designed and manufactured to be the longest wearing chains, in the most demanding of applications. The end result are products which provide you with increased productivity, reliable & continuous operation, reduced replacement costs, and less manufacturing downtime. Engineered Chain technology includes State-of-the-art heat treatment of chain components to assure longer chain life. Pins, bushings and rollers are manufactured to exact tolerances. Selectively Induction Hardened (SIH) pins for unmatched toughness and wear.

Offset Sidebar Roller Chain

The heavy duty offset sidebar roller chain is designed for drive and traction purposes, and is commonly used on mining equipment, grain processing equipment, as well as equipment sets in steel mills. It is processed with high strength, impact resistance, and wearing resistance, so as to ensure safety in heavy duty applications.  It is made of medium carbon steel, that undergoes heating, bending, as well as cold pressing after annealing. The pin hole is created by impact extrusion, which increases the inner surface smoothness for the hole and the pins offer higher protection against heavy loads. The integral heat treatment for the chain plates and rollers ensures high tensile strength. The pins additionally undergo high-frequency induction heating for the surface after integral heat treatment, ensuring high strength, high surface hardness, and wearing resistance as well.

Welded Steel Mill Chain

Welded steel mill chains are designed for heavy-duty conveyor services. They readily cope with shock loads and abrasive conditions; hence, they are widely used in the forest, pulp and paper, mining and similar industries that have demanding operating conditions. Welded steel chains are frequently used to replace cast pintle chains and combination chains when application requirements are increased. The smaller sizes can also be used for slow-speed power transmission drives. Welded steel mill chains are available in two series. The W series consists of steel links with offset sidebars, coupled together by heat-treated pins. The WH series, with heat-treated links and pins, is preferred when additional resistance to abrasion is required. This heat treating process gives the chain extra protection against shock and impact loading and wear. Several attachments are available to suite a variety of conveyor and elevator applications.
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