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Scraper Chain

Scraper Chain

Scraper conveyors generally use a single or double strand of chain. Flights are either welded directly onto the chain or bolted onto the chain attachments. Scraper chains have a wide range of uses, such as moving feed, ash, cement, wood shavings, slags, etc., or scraping settlement tanks above or below the water lines. Tank scrapers are often given other names, such as submerged scraper conveyors, submerged flight conveyors, or bottom ash handling conveyors. As a leading scraper chain supplier in South Africa, we offer a range of forged chains.


Forged Link Chain

Forged fork link chain has proven to be one of the most reliable conveying mediums, offering a combination of versatility, strength, and abrasion resistance. These chains are well-established worldwide, with Bearings International being a scraper chain supplier in South Africa. With a wide variety of materials, heat treatments, and flight formats, the chain is proven in drag and en masse handling. The versatility of forged link chains means many applications like grain cleaning equipment, rice/seed collecting machines, rice milling machines, grain silos, flour milling machines, log conveyors, transportation equipment, pulp and paper, sugar mills, bucket elevators, etc.

Drop Forged Chain

Drop forged chain series X and S from Rexnord are standard chains at Bearings International. The forged chain combines strength and relatively lightweight, making it a good choice for use with trolleys, scraper flight, and assembly conveyors. All forged construction with thru-hardened links and pins assures longevity. X-series chain flexes horizontally and vertically, making it ideal for overhead conveyors with vertical curves. S-series chain features a thru-hardened forged block link, induction-hardened steel outer sidebars, and induction-hardened staked rivets for greater wear resistance, higher system tensions, and positive rivet retention.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain

A Rivetless forged link chain is a robust, simple construction chain offering high strength and lightweight. The simple design permits easy and fast assembly and dismantling by hand. It is used extensively for overhead trolley conveying but is also ideal for twin-strand scraper conveying, particularly when handling sticky or compacting materials. There are numerous attachments available to suit a wide variety of conveyor applications. Easy-to-replace links make maintenance fast and simple.

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