The agricultural industry in South Africa contributes to around 5 % of the formal employment in south Africa, farming in South Africa ranges from the small subsistence farmer to the Mega-modern day corporate farm. We have become continuously dependant on farmers who produce a wide variety of Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, sugarcane, and livestock products which are consumed daily by our population.


Farmers and the agriculture segment are continuously faced with challenges and elements that directly influence their yields and in so affecting their ROI. Some of these elements are electricity, water scarcity and pests.

At Bearings international we offer a range of quality products at the right price to keep you the farmer in motion, irrespective of process, whether its soil preparation, fertilizing, ploughing, planting to irrigation, harvesting, processing, and packaging

“We essentially have products for all seasons.”


Farming in south Africa is continuously evolving and the farmers are always looking for ways in which they can streamline their operations, reduce downtime, increase their efficiencies, and increase their yields and ultimately their ROI.

Maintaining Uptime

We have selected quality key supply partners to enable us to maintain uptime specifically in critical operations where downtime affects a farmers produce and yield.

Key products

At Bearings International we assist in the production of energy with our Drive systems, comprising of electric motors, drives and gearboxes, these products produce torque which is the starting point of creating motion, with our range of torque products comprising of couplings, PTO’s, belts, pulleys, sprockets and chain facilitate movement and uptime which is critical in the agricultural sector, furthermore we have selected bearing and seal partners to keep your processors in continuous motion as a result increasing your profitability, finally we have a selected range of allied products used in maintaining our products and maintaining reliability.

Condition Monitoring

FAG Smart Check
Schaeffler OPTIME
Schaeffler OPTIME C1 Lubricator



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