Engineering Refurbishment & Repairs

gearboxes and motors

Our Repairs division offers professional service and advice on all makes of gearboxes and motors.

With vast experience on the shop floor, the facility’s flexibility allows them to be able to service and repair BI Engineering product.

  • All units received for repair are firstly assessed, digital photographs are taken and then stripped and chemically cleaned ready for inspection. Once inspected, a quotation and post strip report are compiled and sent to the client for their approval. The stripped unit is then clearly marked and sent to the waiting area until the quotation is approved.
  • Once the approval has been received, the required spares are pulled from stores. All OEM spare parts which are not available off the shelf are ordered from the suppliers where the orders are constantly expedited to ensure that they arrive on time. The spares are then issued to the repairs assembly area where assembly then commences following the same quality protocols as that of new units. Only OEM spare parts are replaced.
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